Sensor development platform

SEOK is a sensor development company that supplies sensor to Samsung, Hyundai, KIA and GM.

There is variety of sensors which are required due to the ITC function of driver-less cars and products in the future. SEOK has established a platform that can provide high quality sensors to the companies around the world at low prices. This is the result of the technology challenge.

power of Sensor

SEOK sensor advantages

Both excellent quality and durability. SEOK sensors work with AST”s technology.

We achieved Cost reduction by designing the product with a simple structure. It also possible to make it even more cheaper than China, since our company has increased the productivity by establishing the automated equipment.

Global No. 1

Made in KOREA

SEOK sensor is 100% produced in Korea by AST technology. Thus, providing excellent quality and durability. From now on, choose a reliable Korean product.

Smart valve

Electronic Hybrid Expansion Valve

We have developed an integrated valve that precisely controls the valve by sensing temperature and pressure simultaneously. This increased productivity and increased sensor performance.


Introduction of item

SEOK’s technological prowess is proved by high quality sensors.

Temperature Senser
Temperature Sensor

A component that senses the temperature of a fluid such as air, water, fuel, and converts it into a resistance value that sends a signal to the controller.

There are four types of car’s ventilation system main tenancies: conditioner’s carburetor temperature, ambient temperature, discharge temperature, ambient temperature, discharge temperature and in-vehicle temperature sensor. More than 12 temperature sensors are used per vehicle , including car fuel temperature sensors. In household appliances four to five air conditioners two washing machines, and refrigerator which used three or more temperature sensors.

Pressure sensor
Pressure sensor

A component that senses the pressure of a fluid such as air conditioner refrigerant, diesel fuel, water, and converts it into a voltage value according to the pressure to send a signal to the controller.

It is used to measure refrigerant pressure, fuel tank pressure, fuel filter pressure sensors. Home appliances are used to measure refrigerant pressure in refrigerators and air conditioners, and there are also pressure sensors which are used to measure the water level of washing machines. City gas pressure can also be measured.


Smart valve sensor
Smart valve sensor

Expansion valve that senses the temperature and pressure of refrigerant used in air-conditioning system and battery cooling system of electric vehicle simultaneously, which sends it to the controller, and automatically adjusts valve by instructing the proper amount of refrigerant.

 It is a valve that senses the temperature and flow rate of hot and cold water in washing machine to optimize the water supply, and switches the water direction by function and has a built-in water level sensor.



HAVC Application Sensor

  1. Evap. Sensors
  2. Duct Sensors
  3. Gas Sensors
  4. Sun Load Sensors
  5. In Car Sensors
  6. Amb Sensor
  7. High Pressure Sensors

Fuel System

Various sensors for automotive fuel systems

  1. Temp Sensors
  2. Diesel filter pressure sensors
Home Appliance

Air Conditioner

Air conditioner

  1. Coolant Pressure
  2. Air Temp.
  3. Pipe Temp.
  4. Comp. Temp.

Washing Machine


  1. Water Level Sensor
  2. Temperature Sensor
Vision of SEOK

Vision of SEOK

SEOK is a company specialized in the development and production of automotive temperature and pressure sensors. Various sensors can be integrated or controlled.

SEOK deals with first-class conglomerates.

Good receivables
Mass production guaranteed
No business in other markets

Cheaper than Korea in China

Concise Product Design
Automated production by building your own automated process

Pursue differentiated design

Breaking away from the heated competition
Enter the market after securing a competitive edge
Secure customer trust with differentiated technology

Maintain high quality

High quality design ensures production quality
Production technology and design ability
Flexible and fast production problem solving


Patent applied to sensor

SEOK develops and produces products under AST’s patent license in partnership with AST.

  • SEOK supplies differentiated sensors based on 24 patents.
    Home appliances are made of 18 patents. It is mainly used for various sensors applied to washing machines.

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Road map

SEOK will build an aggressive technology development and sales master plan to grow into a brand that introduces the excellence of Korea’s sensor technology to the world.

NEOKOREA, AST establish
  • Started business with automotive temperature sensor as main item
  • Acquired TS16949 Quality Certification
Business registration
  • US GM Motor Company Registration
  • SDelphi Global company registration (Mahle Global) SDelphi Global
Developed pressure sensor
  • Started pressure sensor business
  • Primary Plant Relocation 1차
Mass production of water level sensor
  • LG Electronics supply (washing machine water level sensor)
Samsung Electronics
  • Registered as Samsung Electronics Company (Washing Machine Water Temperature Sensor),
Registered as a venture company
  • Selected and developed Smart Valve Small and Medium Business Administration
  • Developed electronic expansion valve for electric vehicles
Electric vehicle parts development
  • Start development of thermal management system and required parts for electric vehicle
  • Certefication Ssangyong Motor SSQ
  • Selected as the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy's Electronic Expansion Valve
Acquired Hyundai & Kia Motors SQ Certification
  • Development of thermal management system and required parts for electric vehicles
  • Received order for mass production of temperature sensor for Samsung washing machine
Launched SEOK brand
  • International marketing and sales start
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Available. Sensor development is carried out with new car design and mass production review, and various field tests can be used to verify durability.

Yes available. Various aftermarket products can also be developed and produced according to your specifications.

Not at all. This is because thorough design and field testing minimize the defect rate.

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